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You Doin Too Much – Why You Haven’t Hit Your Goals

Focus is the key to your success.

When Bill Gates met Warren Buffett, their dinner host asked everyone to identify what they believed was the most important factor in their success. Buffet and Gates gave the same one-word answer: “Focus.”

Near the end of the year people start to review and reflect on their goals, both accomplished, and unaccomplished. My clients are no different.

When it comes to figuring out why they haven’t hit their goals, its always focus!

Today’s video is about how to get a handle on, and take account of everything you have going on in your life.

I share strategies I use with my clients and can be used by you today to start hitting your goals. Make sure you check out the full video for all the strategies.

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Here’s what we cover:

1. End of Year Review of Goals

2. Identifying Everything Going on in Your Life

3. Why You Can’t Have Multiple Priorities

4. Societies Obsession with “Busy”

5. Humans and Attention Evolution

6. Figuring Out Your Focus

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Hey, what’s up everybody? So, I wanted to make this video. I’ve been talking to my clients and other people over the past couple weeks and one of the continuing themes in my conversations is, it’s almost the end of the year. I need to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions for next year and I need to remember or check. Did I even accomplish all the goals that I had last year? And when peoples tend to go through that assessment and figure out what the accounting for the year, you know, they realized that hey, I didn’t actually accomplish all the things I set out to do. You know, I wanted to do so many different things. I had a list of things, but when I look back on it, it’s like, I didn’t quite do what I set out to do.

And do you know, a lot of times the reason that is, we tend to think that when we’re busy and when we have a lot of stuff going on, we think that is actually being productive.

But in all honesty, it’s not, you know, focus is so important in achieving your goals. And when we get to the end of the year, we’re like, why haven’t we done it? It’s because that we had twenty different things we’re working on. You know, we were working on our blog, we were trying to launch a podcast, we have a business that we’re trying to launch, a new product that we’re trying to launch and a new total busy law. Oh yes. By the way, I’m trying to get my fitness together. I’m trying to find a man. I’m trying to find a woman. I have family to take care of when it’s like, yes, if you got twenty, thirty, forty different things going on, of course you can’t focus on one thing that’s important. And of course you’re not making any progress towards your one goal.

You know, a lot of times in society, what they tell us is put all your eggs in different baskets.
Diversify, don’t put too much risk on one thing and you know, in all honesty, the only way to truly make progress is to focus on one thing and to pick the priority. A lot of times people will say, Oh, I have these many priorities, but in actuality the word priority really is kind of oxymoron because there’s only really one priority. You can’t have priorities, you know, because the priority is really the one thing that you’re trying to do.

You know, a lot of people like my clients, they’re trying to go back to school, you know, they’re thinking about getting an MBA, a PhD or they may even be studying it for like the LSAT or to go back and get their Master’s and they wonder, why can’t I focus? Why can’t I make any achievement towards this goal?

Well, yes, we are studying, but you’re also trying to run a business. You’re also, you know, you’ve got kids, you have to take care of. You have responsibilities, you also working for a time and a lot. You know, when you get home from a full day at work, what time you get home, you’re just exhausted. All you want to do is sit back on the couch, chill. You know what?

That’s really what we get into the habit of doing. But you know, if we are truly focused, you know we’re putting that one thing above everything else. So now society tells us that for being busy, you know you’re not you’re being productive, but truly you’re not. And you know, one thing for me is I wasn’t truly able to be productive in my business life unto I eliminate a lot of things and that included things in my personal life.

So, a lot of times our personal issues show up in whatever it is we’re trying to do. So regardless, if you run a business and you’re trying to go back to school, trying to figure out where to go in your career, if you want to go for that next promotion, you know the things you got going on in your personal life are going bubble up. Because if you’re having trouble with your family, if you know you’re sick, if you’re not healthy, you know that’s going manifest itself. When you talk to your customers are going to manifest itself, when you go in to study is going to manifest itself when you’re going to work out. So all of these things are important and a lot of times we want to focus on everyone. I’m going to get everything in order. This is going to be the year when I get my life in order.

Well, sure, that’s great. But how about we focus on this month where I get my fits together, then we focused on the next month where I get my finances together or something like that. You know, you have to pick one thing to be that priority. Now, I’ve had podcasts in the past, I was working on apps, I’ve done a website and I was doing all these things at the same time and I truly didn’t find, you know, fulfill me for me and you know, progress in my business until I started eliminating a lot of that stuff, you know, and as humans is really hard for us to stay focused over the long term because, you know, as we evolved, we heard sounds and we had to be on alert because you never know what could be lurking around that bush. It could be, you know, death, something dangerous.

So we’re always on alert so we’re easily distracted. But for good reason, you know 2018 for the most part there isn’t a whole lot of danger lurking around the corner, but we’re still a tuned to notice all these things. And what have social media apps. I build apps, you know, these things not purposely meant to hog or attention, but you know, the designers do. They’re trying to make money. So you know, you need eyeballs for that attention and it’s not until you’re good and bad thing, but you’re not aware of it, you know, you’re like, Oh thing, checking up, checking this message, thing, it’s the email. So once again, that focus, you know, when that focus is spread out, even over the short term, you know, you can’t accomplish your goal. So if you can’t stay focused over the short term and success in any endeavor requires focus over the long term where you’re going to have a really tough time getting to those goals.

So how do you really figure out on what the focus on, but there’s just so many different things, so many different things that we all want for ourselves. We want things for our friends. You want things for our family and it can be overwhelming to choose from the number of options. So what, I typically do with my clients is one of the first exercise we do is okay, write down everything that’s going on in your life. So this can be business, this can be personal. We just need to know everything and it has to be everything because if we can’t get a good assessment of the entire landscape of the things that are taking your attention, we can’t know what the focus. You know, I had a conversation with a client recently where she was previously in a situation where her environment will totally under her control.

She didn’t have any distractions and she was making progress in her business, filling her classes every month with students and you know, making decent progress that felt like she kind of had a handle on things and she moved to a new situation where she had new distractions, wasn’t able to have the same time and commitment for her business and we’re seeing things kind of drop off and wasn’t feeling like she was making any progress. And when we looked at everything, it was the situation changed in her focus, wasn’t able to stay on the business. It was on her family. It was on whatever was happening in the new place. She was living at the time. And so that can be really difficult to go to a new situation and try to have the same working habits that you did before and it doesn’t work out. So that’s one of the first thing that you need to do is just write everything you got going on and take an assessment of, okay, what of these things?

So say you write down ten different things that you got going on. You got a family, kids, you want to go back to school, you’re working on your products, you’re trying to get your fitness together. Now, write it all down. And then, you know, then you have to prioritize it. Now you have to take that list and you need to order it from one to ten and figure out what is the most important thing to you on that list? And once you write everything down, then you’ll need to pick on which one to focus on. Which one of these things are truly important.

And now I know it’s going to be difficult to pick one and be quite honest. You can’t really pick one. You’re probably going have to pick one or two because we all have responsibilities, so picking one or two items on the list is still going to be, you know, really hard for you to do, but that’s what I’ve asked my clients to do and what we do as you work through that one problem, you know, we want to make sure that one problem gets solved and we develop a habit around that one problem so that we can then take the lessons learned from applying what you’ve learned in the course or with my coaching to that one item and make progress on other items in the future. Once we’re done working with each other.

So that is one of the big themes that’s been coming up with my clients. So I wanted to make this video to talk about that and to be truly honest with you, the only way you can then be sure you’re going to get those goals is to commit like it does not good to write this stuff down, figure out which one you want to do. If you don’t commit and committing takes you stepping up and saying, I’m going to make that focus and, you know, the only way to truly reach your goals is to focus. So like if you’re not writing your goals down and you’re not writing down all the stuff you’re doing, you wouldn’t even know all the stuff that’s you’re doing. If it’s all stuck in your head, no, write it out.

See what’s going on because you’re going have to have that always. Think about it like this, I love playing basketball and I played basketball a couple times a week and for me the go is to be better than the guys that I played with, so it’s not a huge goal, but for me it drives me to make sure I’m working out during the week and that I am thinking about and going and eating well and making sure I’m going to the park that actually played because the only way to get better is to focus and to play. So I’ve eliminated some other things, there’s some other works that I do because I want to make sure that I’m good in basketball and now for me my goal is to better at the part if I was trying to play it professionally.

Well, I would probably have to practice a lot more, you know, if I play basketball a couple hours a week, now we’re well probably have to practice all day now. If I’m trying to be a professional, and I’m not Lebron James, I hear. But if I was, we know Lebron in the gym all day everyday and that’s extremely hard. Dedicated focus of a long period of time. And as you can see now it’s paid off of the brand because he’s, you know, unquestionably one of the best players in basketball ever. And you have to think about it like that for your goal. Lebron would have put in that work, you know, and it’s a day at a time over a long period of time to see that compounding of that focus to actually realize his goals of winning an NBA championship.

So to wrap this up, this video was really just to talk about focus and how when you focus on too many things, you’re really not focusing on anything. Priority is really one thing, course. We’ve all had so many different things that we want to accomplish and the goals that we want to accomplish, you know, don’t just happen, you have to focus in and we have to put in that work.

So just want to wrap it up. One of the first videos for my new website channel blog. This is where all the good stuff is going to be on basically. So make sure that you subscribe to this video somewhere around here. I guess below that’s how YouTube does it and you know, check out my website and I’ll be posting more blog posts, talking about the items that I’m working with my clients and it’s conversations that I’m having with potential clients. And you know, getting to know you guys better so you have any questions, just leave them in the comments.