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Talking To Strangers and Why You Should Hangout With Your Clients

Do you remember growing up and being told don’t talk to strangers?

It’s funny because now we all pretty much have access to talk to just about anyone in the world.

Using social media we can see what is happening with our friends, family, and complete strangers.

A lot of business owners don’t use these network to their full potential, and don’t talk to their target market…

And they are not hanging out with their clients!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to discuss pain points with someone who is my direct target market. I invited them to my house and turned on my listening ears because your market has all the data you need.

Almost 3 hours of feedback on my business hypothesis…

But some business owners are still at home thinking about what they would want in a service or product, not the needs and desires of their client.

Today’s video is about Talking To Strangers and Why You Should Hangout With Your Clients.

I share strategies I use with the guys I work with and can be used by you today to accelerate customer development in your business.

Make sure you check out the full video for all the strategies.

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Here’s what we cover:

  1. Why I Like to Talk to Strangers
  2. Hanging Out With My Clients
  3. Customer Development
  4. Building Your Business Hypothesis
  5. Testing Business Hypothesis

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Hey, what’s up everybody? So today I want to talk you about why I talk to strangers and why you need to hang out where your customers are. So as a person who has always loved to travel, I’ve been involved with a lot of different organizations and groups over the years and I have always like to meet new people, whether it be from my community service or any of the jobs I’ve ever had.

You know, back when I was a consulting firm one of the big things was networking and you had to network with the managers, the partners and the other associates on the projects because you never know who the next team is you’re going on be working on and you may be working on an assignment with one of those people. So it’s good to get to know them and have that rapport. 

So you may be doing some of the same things now in your business. You may be going to MeetUps, you may be going to different seminars, different courses and things like that to meet people and to do networking. The reason that I wanted to talk about this is because it’s very important in your business to do networking, to be out, reaching out to people and seeing how customers may respond to your product. 

I was having a conversation on Facebook with someone just yesterday and we got to talking and they were telling me about how they had not gone out to see what their customer would like in their product. I believe they had some type of beauty product that they were selling and they wanted to do some different types of marketing, but they hadn’t really gone out and gotten any feedback. They also had another business that they were running and I think it was actually probably their better business, but the same thing. They still weren’t going out and getting feedback. They were relying on themselves to know more about the product than the people who would actually buy. I think a lot of times entrepreneurs get caught up on that, thinking that “I know what’s best for the product”, when it’s really that you need to get out of the house, you need to go hang out where your customers are and really find out where they’re hanging out.

So where they’re hanging out may not necessarily be a physical place. Like I said, it may be at a seminar. They may be at workshops. They also may be at craft shows on the weekend, depending on the type of product you’re selling. They can also be in a virtual location. You know, a lot of my customers who I talk to, I follow up with them through Facebook. I follow up with them through LinkedIn. I follow up with them through email. I go to where they’re hanging out. I check out the blogs that they’re checking out, I read the articles that they’re reading – because I want to know what’s going on inside of my customers and clients’ head and the people that I’m working with.

I want to know what is the messaging and what really appeals because at the end of the day, people are really just looking for value in the product that you offer and that they can really get something from it, and the only way you can really do that is to get out of the house.

Every time you present your offer and every time you really go talk to someone, you’re really taking the hypothesis that you have – which is your business, product or service – and testing that hypothesis and as we know from doing experiments, you start with a hypothesis and you test it and you see “Okay, what are the things that could right? What are the things that could go wrong with this hypothesis and let me get feedback from market?” and that’s all it really is. There’s never really failures or successes. It’s all just feedback for you to improve on, and one of the best ways to get that feedback is to go talk directly to your target market, where they’re hanging out. 


For me, I even invite my target market over to my house. Just yesterday I had a really long conversation with my direct target market, a two and a half hour conversation where we really talked about his pain points, the things that he had going on in his life, what kind of things he was looking to do in the future and what were the steps that he already was taking himself to get to that point. So me being able to talk directly to a market gives me the insight on what they’re thinking, how they’re feeling and I’m really just there to understand. I’m not really there to serve up my point or say my product is really the best. I want to take that understanding of their pain points and turn that around into the best product that I can for my clients and for the men that I coach.

Okay, so now you’re probably thinking now that I have found my target market, now that I’ve found out where they’re hanging out, I’m in these groups, I’m hanging out with them at the physical locations – What do I do? What kind of questions do I ask them? So what you want to do is really start to understand, like what are their fears? What are the things they’re afraid of? What kind of keeps them up at night, you know? Think about if you were selling some type of a product. So if you’re selling a course where you’re helping people lose weight, one of the things that they would fear — They would fear gaining more weight. They would fear that they wouldn’t be successful with their program. They may fear that people may judge them if they don’t lose the weight. They may fear that if they don’t get their weight under control they’re going to continue to have health issues or they’re going to have health issues which may even lead to death.

So you really want to understand why or what drives the purpose of your product or service so that you can truly then incorporate that feedback into your business hypothesis. Along with asking them about what they fear, ask them about what they’re angry at. You know, why is your product needed? What does this product actually do to improve their life? What’s the transformation that they’re going to make? What are you taking them from? Are they going from someone who’s overweight and can’t breathe to someone who’s going to lose fifty pounds in two months or something like that? You know, that kind of — But those are the things you want to be able to extract from those conversations that you’re having with your target market and your niche and that allows you to then turn that around and present that in your product to them.

So that’s really all I wanted to touch base on for you today. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below. Also make sure to subscribe to the channel. The button is down there somewhere. Let me know if you have any more questions.