Jarrad Pouncil

Live Chat Q&A - Your Sales and Marketing Process

January 27, 2019


Hey everybody, how you doing? We got Kristen and Clarence, thanks for joining. Tonight guys, so what I wanted to talk about today, hey what’s up Jeremy? What I’m going to be talking about this evening on the live chat is sales and marketing for your business. And the reason I wanted to talk about sales and marketing is that when I got it started with my coaching business, this was probably the one area where I struggle the most because in my past I hadn’t really been exposed to too many opportunities or experience where I had to do this kind of sales and marketing. So what I want to talk about is my sales and marketing, what it was like for me going through that process, what it’s like taking a person that you don’t know, taking someone from an unknown customer, a stranger pretty much to a paying client.

And then I also want to talk about the science of that and actually how do we go about getting a person that we don’t know to become a customer of ours and then I’ll talk a little bit about the work I’ve been doing with Black Millennials and how I’ve been helping them get started with the business. So please drop any questions that you have in the box and I’ll get to them as we go through the call, other than that I’ll go ahead and get started with kind of the stuff I was going to talk about around sales and marketing. So as I was mentioning in the beginning, you know for me sales and marketing hasn’t always been easy, the thought of going out and having to talk to people and convince them to give up something, give their time, give their money for something I have in exchange, that’s all sales is really isn’t we’re always selling whether we’re trying to convince somebody to get something from us from the store or our spouses to do something, we’re all in the business of trying to convince someone else to do something and for me I’ve always been of the mindset that people should just get it.

But I’m like that, I want the facts, I want the numbers but in sales in marketing it’s not really about that with your customer, you really have to look at what is it that the customer is feeling, you have to get in to their heads, you have to really understand what is it that they’re thinking and with sales and marketing part of your process is going through and determining that. So some other videos in the past I’ve done things around how to get your customers, how to talk about your target market, so all of this is kind of related together when it all builds up you going out and doing sales and marketing with your client. So Clarence has a question, what’s black millennials? Can you help me out Clarence if you little more explanation, I would say Black Millennials are anyone between the ages of probably just graduated from college all the way up to 35, so this is really people born in the early to mid-80s up to the early 90s, so this is the generation we’re talking about, the Millennials.

And the Millennials have pretty much graduated from college and they’re in their careers, they are working or they may be looking to do other things outside of working in a corporate job, so that’s about or who Black Millennials are for my business and that’s who I primarily work with, mostly men but I have worked with women as well as I started to mature my program as well, so hopefully I hope I answered your question Clarence and thanks for the question. So I was talking about sales and marketing and my process of going through and creating and making someone going for my unknown customer, to someone who wants to buy your service or not. And at times, particularly when I was working on other businesses, like we have a mobile app development company as well and at times when I was doing marketing and sales for that it required me to do cold outreach.

I would have to email people, I would have to pick up the phone and call teams and coaches trying to pitch my products and services, and to be totally honest with you I didn’t want to do it, I wasn’t totally comfortable, I was kind of scared of some of the things that I was going to get, the rejection from those calls and a lot of times when we think about sales and marketing we think about the bad stuff, oh I’m going to reach out to all these people and they’re going to tell me no, people are going to cuss me out over the phone or I’m going to email them and get no response, I’m going to get these nasty comments. And the honest part is yes you are going to some comments, but the majority of people are going to be like that and for me I had to get over that fear and one of the things that really helped me get over that fear was just educating myself more on the market and understanding what these people wanted.

My fear was that they’re going to ask me questions that I did not have the answers to, when I did my research and I practiced and just learned and get more comfortable with what I was selling and material, it made easier to do a lot of that outreach to people who didn’t know me to see if they would be potentially interested in meeting or even particular interesting in buying my service or my product. Like I said the rejection was a big part of me being scared, that fear of not being successful with something is what kind of held me back initially and I had to get my ego in check, I really thought that people would just come to my products just because it was from me, I was making this great product, I have a great reputation so just buy and it was like no. People don’t really buy for your reasons; they buy for their own reasons, their own personal background, and they’re trying to solve their problem. They may agree with you and all the statement that you’re making a bunch of service, but what is it that’s really in it for them, what it is that’s making them emotionally tie to your product or service.

I get asked how do you push through the feelings of rejection, I would say that in my life I’ve dealt with rejection early and often and for me I never quite looked at it as quote unquote rejection, I just looked at it as feedback. So regardless if I got some good information, if I was able to sell my product to a prospect, if I was able to sell my apps to a customer or if I wasn’t, I didn’t look at it as bad or good, I always look at things as just feedback and data. It’s really just a data point, we put it on a starting point and we want to see it’s the next data point is higher or lower than my current step. So I’ve really systemized my thinking and with a lot of people and me as well at times, will get emotionally caught up with what I think is the next best thing to do based on what I feel, as opposed to kind of letting the data guide me and letting my emotions kind of overtake the next direction.

And the feeling of rejection doesn’t go away, every time I pick up the phone to call a client or a prospective client, anytime I send a message that underpinning of rejection is there. It’s a writing a service that says hey, this person may not even like what I’m doing they’re going to be like oh don’t call me ever again, I don’t want anything to do with you, that’s a feeling that doesn’t go away but over time with practice and learning to use the best feedback as opposed to thinking of it as something negative and having a positive aspect to everything that happens to you, that’s how I was able to push through that rejection. So thanks Noah for that question, we got Mike join thanks for joining Mike and Nina thanks for joining, we’re talking about sales and marketing and answering any questions you have around that and I’m also talking about how I help Black Millennials in their business.

So before that last question we were talking about how I went from being scared to email people to call them to be able to do this on a regular basis, and another one of the things that I was doing was I was judging how the call was going to go, how the email with these clients were going to go, how these conversations were going to go before I even had a chance to talk and meet with them. A lot of times we create expectations, so before I send an email I’m thinking this person is not going to respond, when I get on a call I’m thinking oh this call is for me to convince the other person that they need my product, when in reality when you can remove your ego out of the way and really start to think of the customer in mind as opposed to I think this is what is best for the business than just asking them, that’s when you become better at sales and marketing.

And it’s really about listening to the person as opposed to giving them solutions, so a lot of times when I’m talking to my customers or potential customers, I’m really just listening, I’m in a state of diagnosis, I’m just like a doctor, when you go to the doctor and you go and he checks you well, he doesn’t just jump in and say oh you have a broken leg or you need this type of surgery, he takes his time, he does his measurements, he checks your heart rate, he checks your temperature, he checks your blood pressure, he check these vital signs, he sees how you’re doing overall before putting a prescription out there because a prescription without diagnosis it’s really malpractice.

And look at it the same way in your business, if someone needs a solution, if they’re trying to solve a problem and you don’t understand what they’re doing, if you haven’t listened to what they’re trying to get done, then you’re blocking yourself up from hearing the actual solution, because you’re so blinded by your ego and wanting to solve that problem and thinking that you actually have the best solution when the honest answer is you need to listen to your customers more to really determine what that best solution is. So along with a judgement I had to learn it’s really about having a heart-to-heart conversation with the individuals in your market, in your niche, because at the end of the day we don’t have business problems, we all have personal problems that we’re really trying to solve.

We wake up every day trying to improve ourselves in some way, form of another and we’re out there looking for products and services to take us to that next level. You’re out there looking for a course maybe to improve yourself in business, you’re looking for a coach, you could be looking to lose weight so you’re looking to get on a new diet, we’re all waking up trying to improve ourselves and the key is really learning what are the things that people are trying to improve or what else underlying issues that are causing that need and desire for them to want to change. So hey Nick thanks for joining, we’re talking about sales and marketing questions today, so feel free to drop any questions you have in the comments. Okay, so we’re talking about heart to heart and you really want to get to the underlying reasons or the underlying pain around people want a problem solved, so one of the main example of the weight loss niche and in the weight lost niche a lot of people want to lose weight because family issues or death could be a reason, that’s a real good reason to want to get in shape and improve your health.

And we all come with different reasons and until you really get down and understand that pain, heart to heart, understanding people, having conversations with your target market to truly understand why they buy a service or why they buy a product, until you do that it’s really hard to be able to market and do sales to anyone if you don’t understand why they are at the point that they got. And there’s really a science behind taking someone from a non-paying customer to actual customer, and it really starts with clearly defining their current state. So if we’re in the weight loss niche and I’m wanting to target people who have high blood pressure and have diabetes, well what is their current state, well they’re currently taking medications on a regular basis. They have to go to the doctor every so often and I’m familiar with this niche because I know about people in my family, have diabetes or have high blood pressure, so this is something that’s close to home for me.

And people who are trying to improve their health and improve their situation around diabetes and their high blood pressure, the underlying pain is oh my diet isn’t good or I don’t know the routines or I don’t know the foods I should be eating. I was actually talking to one of my clients and he was having health issues around his skin and was having acne problems because of the food he was eating, and he didn’t know that was an issue that the food he was eating was causing that issue. So you really have to start to dig down deeper to really understand some of the problems people are having and so you can get to that heart-to-heart and understand the true motivations of why people want to buy your product or service. And then once you to define that current state, you want to then define what does it look like to get them to that future state or to that point that they want to be, get them to the point where after they use your service that they have lost weight, they’re improving, their workout regimen and they’re eating the right kind of foods if they’re in the health industry or in the health niche.

And then you want to use that current state to that future state and then your service, your product is in the middle it’s that gap. So you feel that gap where they currently at to where they want to go, we call that gap analysis and once you do that you can then start to ask questions around okay, how do I get my potential clients prospects from their current state of being overweight, unhealthy, not eating the correct foods and having skin problems due to what they’re eating, to the point where they have a balanced diet, they’re working out regularly and they’re able to take care and keep their skin healthy and fresh. So that was just one of few things I wanted to discuss about sales and marketing, so I’ll share some of my experience and some of the things that I’m going through, some of the things that my clients have been going through with sales and marketing and get any of your questions answered. So like I said feel free to drop any more questions that you have, thanks for joining Edward and Darrel to the call, appreciate it and then lastly before I jump I wanted to talk about how I help black millennials with their consulting businesses.

Now this past week one of the main themes I’ve been working with my clients is around the anxiety and the stress of not knowing where to go, so in my program what I really tell my clients is you really want to think of it as you’re building your favorite Lego set. So you want to take the correct pieces in your business and they go in a certain order to actually build out this figure, so if you’ve ever played with Legos, if you built anything that usually have pieces in a box that come then you have directions. Well in business no one really is giving the pieces that you need in a box and the directions, and that’s really what I’m helping my clients do and that really reduces a lot of the stress and anxiety that they have, because for the most part they struggle with not knowing where to go, they don’t have that knowledge from their current circle, from their friends, from their family no one really taught them how to go out in and build a successful consulting business, so they’re at the starting gate but they really just don’t even know where to go.

And the second thing is that they really want a system that they can use to prepare themselves forward; they know that they need a system if they want repeated return, if they want repeated success they need to systemize everything that they do. And now one of my clients in the past he quit his job, he started his own company, has some savings and was doing it, but he ran out of money before he was able to make a profit in his business, so he had to jump back in and go to work full time. But now that he’s working with me, I’m working with him I could set up a system for him and he’s going to be doing this while he’s still working, and he’s planning on quitting his job as soon as he has enough money once again to make his dream happen, but this time he has less anxiety and he has a system from working with me that’s going to help him systematically go out there and get customers, refine his ideas and really get that success that he was not able to see the first time he quit his job.

So that’s what I have for you guys today, I want to thank you for joining the live chat again, we talked about sales and marketing, we answered your questions about sales and marketing and I gave you my experience, things I’ve gone through when I was developing my sales and marketing expertise and my business and also working with my customers. And we also talked a little bit about how I help Black Millennials reduce their anxiety and stress by helping them implement systems and repeatable processes in their business. So if you’re interested in the coaching program feel free to reach out to me, you can ping me here on Facebook or you can email me jp@jarradpouncil.com so thanks everybody and take care.