Jarrad Pouncil

Imposter Syndrome and Fake It Till You Make It

Have you have ever felt out of your depths…

Like you are in way too deep…

Like a fraud?

Or like I can’t keep this up for much longer…

Don’t worry you are NOT the only one…

Today’s video is about Imposter Syndrome and how you can harness that feeling to help you complete your goals. I then discuss how I have been “faking it” my entire life.

I share strategies I use with my clients and can be used by you today to start hitting your goals.

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Here’s what we cover:

1. What Is Imposter Syndrome

2. Being In Over Your Head

3. Copies, Models, and Mentors

4. Fake It Till You Make It

5. Visualize Being Your Own Hero

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Hey, what’s up, everybody. Today I wanted to talk to you real quick about something that I’ve been hearing a lot about and it’s this thing called Imposter Syndrome. So, we’ll get into to what it is and all that. But I actually always kind of felt like an imposter and all. I remember growing up, between elementary school and getting to high school, I went to like six different schools, had to get along with so many different new people. A lot of changes were going on in my life. And I had to kind of kind of fit in. I always felt like the new kid and I always knew that at some point in time, someone was going to probably try to test me or pick on me because I was kind of trying to fit in as the new kid. A bunch of different schools and oftentimes what happened was that those things that I thought I wasn’t, were actually I was, I just need to be in an environment that they brought those things out.


So this Imposter Syndrome is really feeling out of your element. If you ever feel like you’re out of your depth, if you ever feel like something you can’t do, like just in too deep. And honestly, all of us are has some point in times in our lives out of our depth. A lot of the things that I do, whether it be for my business or my personal life, I haven’t done them before. And that’s just natural. Like I said, it’s called Imposter Syndrome. We all kind of feel like that, with pretty much anything that we do that’s new. We kind of feel like we haven’t been there and that we’re really trying to be somebody that we’re not.


But we eventually we figure it out. For example, when you get a new position at work, you get promoted from say an analyst to a manager, well, you didn’t know how to be a manager before you get promoted, you kind of get promoted  in hopes that you will fill that role. We saw the glimpses of you in that higher position, we saw the work that you were putting in, but you don’t know if you’re capable of doing it until you actually kind of step on the ledge and do it. A lot of times, we kind of feel like we’ve kind of BSed our way up to this point. It’s kind of been like, man, I don’t know what’s going on but at some point in time someone is going to come and knock on my door and just be like the gig is up, whatever you’re doing, it’s over, go back and get a job. Or, you know, nope, you can’t, you’re not going to be able to do this.


And like I said, it’s just a funny feeling that I know I have and I’m pretty sure that others have too. But like I said on outside though, well, on the inside we feel like imposters but on the outside as long as you’re doing whatever that imposter is, you look like a normal person to everybody else. It doesn’t look like you’re  struggling or you have some fear to overcome that because you’re acting in a way that shows that hey actually this person is capable and they’re showing us through their actions and a lot of times we get caught up in not being like others or I want to be original.


Totally honest all throughout my life, I’ve always had some type of mentor who knows a little bit or a lot of bit of me in some areas and who was able to help me and lead me on a path, someone who I could be their impostor. It sounds funny when you say it like that, but really I was visioning myself being them in the future. Even in my business today I don’t know everything. When you’re in business you got to know finance, you got no marketing and got to know how to do websites or at least know how to design one or hire someone who can. You got finance, you got outreach, accounting, social media, copywriting, YouTube. I didn’t go to school to know how to do YouTube, my background so you know was engineering industrial & electrical. So a lot of these areas aren’t exactly in my wheelhouse naturally but know that at some point in time I had to fake it. I had to find someone who wields the model to be an imposter till I learn those things.


Now, I call them imposters those are things are just really learning. So going to school, we were trying to be like our teachers, they had knowledge we wanted so we did the things they told us to do. Same thing with our parents, our professors, anyone else who’s kind of mentored you in life. And with all that stuff teaches us is that we can become that other person. When we envision ourselves as the next basketball player, the next Michael Jordan, though, we envision ourselves as the next great piano player, whatever is that we’re doing, we have that vision of we’re taking someone’s place. We are taking our rightful place. So that’s why I kind of think the best person to look up to, to impersonate, or to be an imposter of is the future you because no one’s going to achieve your goals for you. So you might as well just make your hero yourself so when you look in the future, you’re like, “Oh, I’m already there.” And all you have to do is put in the work today.


A lot of us sometimes are afraid to seek advice but the only way you get better is through practice and that’s why having a mentor or someone who can just lead you along the way is so important. People don’t like the term fake it till you make it. Some say oh if you’re a fake you’re a fraud don’t do it, but I actually think fake it till you make it is a perfect way to get what you wanted and to reach your goal. I maybe took it to the extreme when I first moved to New York, I used to like all the fake watches and stuff when you go to New York, I was new. But you know, I was envisioning one day that hey, I’m going to get the real money so I can then actually go to [Mass 00:05:44] and buy the real watch. And one day I’ll be buying those watches.


But fake it till you make it, picture someone in the future or better yet, picture yourself in the future and try to become that person. And guess what when you apply that, boom, that’s when the magic happens. And all that really does take is practice.  Picture that person and just practice being that person. Michael Jordan said he took way more shots in his head than he ever actually did in his career, in practice. So visualizing and seeing yourself in the future is a great way to help you achieve those goals and get over that Imposter Syndrome and it’s something I do all the time. Even when I’m going to play basketball I’m visualizing, hey, I’m shooting, I’m driving to the hole. When I’m watching basketball on TV, I’m visualizing myself actually doing the moves other players on the court are doing and I do the same thing in my business too. When I’m reading, I’m visualizing myself putting into practice what I’m learning about my business as well and also what I’m learning about my clients.


So it’s really applicable to everywhere in life. And it’s one of the big things that will help you be successful. And that feeling, that Imposter Syndrome feeling it doesn’t go away once you hit success. And once you hit that next level, it just continues. It’s actually a natural feeling. Don’t feel bad, you don’t have to. But you can embrace it. And you can embrace that feeling and turn it into something positive, something that’s going to motivate you forward instead of being scared and apprehensive, you’re like, “I know that I can do this because my future self has already knocked it and I’m well on my way to doing it too.” So once again, just don’t let the Imposter Syndrome creep in, fake it till you make it, embrace the feeling, embrace the change and keep going as always. So before you leave, please make sure to subscribe to the channel. Hit me in the comments. Let me know what you think and let me know if you have any questions.