Jarrad Pouncil

4 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Getting Unstuck in Your Business

Ever feel like you can’t get out of your own way?

You put deadlines in place to move your business but they seem to always slip by…

Or create roadblocks and excuses that hinder your growth out of fear?

It feels like you are sabotaging your own success!

That was me over the past week…

I struggled with the exact direction to go in next with my consulting business…

And needed to refocus on what was important, not what my fear was telling me to do.  

Because the truth is fear is not a roadblock…

Fear is a tool that we can use to clarify our path forward, and push us to places we never thought were possible.

Today’s video is about 4 Steps to Overcoming Fear and Getting Unstuck in Your Business.

I share strategies I use with my clients to get over their fears, and get unstuck when they don’t know where to go next.

Make sure you check out the full video for all the strategies.

Here’s what we cover:

  1. How We Get Stuck in Our Business
  2. Define What You Want
  3. Determine What’s Stopping You
  4. Own Your Discomfort
  5. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
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Hey, what’s up everybody? I want to share with you this week how I got unstuck after a couple weeks of not really knowing where to go next in my business, but before I do that if this is your first time stopping by I’m JP, I help [Inaudible 00:00:16.00] entrepreneurs get their first two thousand dollar client as a consultant using the skills that they already have. In my business I’ve been working with a broad range of Millennials, so if you have or if you want to reach out to me feel free to check out more of my website. But today I wanted to talk to you about how I overcame the steps that I took to overcome being kind of stuck in my business, and for me being stuck is the feeling of not really knowing which direction to go in or trying to figure out which way to go without forcing it, not knowing the steps and looking at too much at one time and trying to go in multiple directions.

So that’s what being stuck for me is and that’s what it felt like for the past couple weeks, and I wanted to do this video to talk about it, to give you the steps that I took to overcome that feeling of not knowing where to go up my business and kind of feeling lost, so that you can use them as well. So there are going to be four things I want to talk to you about, and these are the things that I did to overcome that. So a little bit of backstory, end of January I was doing great and one of the best months I’ve had in my business so far and I had actually accomplished a couple of my goals for the quarter already and I was feeling pretty good about it. But then I kind of realized that all right now that I’m moving forward, let’s take a look at what I need to do as next steps and that’s when the trouble kind of started for me, I made a list of everything and kind of got overwhelmed by all the different areas I needed to research.

But what I always go through when I’m having this issue is I start out thinking that I have to do everything and then I remind myself you know what JP it’s a journey and it’s always going to be steps. So let me give you some of those steps, there are going to be four things that we’re going to cover in this video that are going to help you when you’re feeling unstuck and unsure of which way to go in your business. So the first thing you have to do is really define what it is that you want, take a timeout and really sit back and think where am I trying to go and are the things that I’m thinking about doing in my business, are they really going to serve me in the direction that I’m going. Sometimes we run into fear because we don’t know which way to go and that fear is a big blocker because we get lost in the emotions of that fear because it’s that feeling oh I’m going to jump out there and there may be some shame attached to it or what if this doesn’t work.

And when you really define what you want it’s a lot easier to figure out how can you get past those fears, so how did I use that in my business, I went ahead and listed everything that I needed to do for the next two months. So I went and just made a list, it was probably about 10 to 20 things it wasn’t a lot and I got it out of my head, I put it down on paper so I could define it because it’s really hard to figure out which way to go forward if you can’t see your vision, if you can’t see your goal and you can’t define what it is that you want to do. So the first step to really get unstuck is to define what you want and then kind of just write it down and list it out.

So the next thing you need to do once you have defined what it is that you want, determine what it is that’s blocking you, determine what’s stopping you from getting there and a lot of times moves back to that fear that we can’t get past or we don’t have the correct footing or that we may be afraid of criticism, now I’m going to put out a blog post, I’m going to put out some ads and what if it’s not accepted, what if people don’t respond. So determine what it is stopping you, for me what was stopping me was just thinking I have to do everything at once. I had a list of items to take care of, tasks I need to do and I was thinking I had to go out there and tackle them all within a week. I really just sat back and said to myself, I said Jp you know that these things take a while, it’s like any other step in your business is going to take you time to figure out how to do these things, you’re just not taking the first step.

So that really helped me calm down and take a step back and say okay, I know what’s stopping me and I know I can overcome these things because I’ve done it in the past. The things that I listed whether it’s doing blog post or upgrading my copy or putting out more content I’ve done all of those things in the past, and that really helps you to realize that no I can do these things and really determine what it is stopping you, so that’s number two determine what is stopping you from reaching what you want. And number three is you need to really own your discomfort, you can’t let the fact that you’re afraid to move forward or something holding you back, you can’t let that weaken you and I know that that can be difficult at times.

Particularly for me if I get a setback I kind of just want to go do something else for a while and not really work on that thing, and that can be fine but you can’t let that discourage you, you have to know that okay I’m going to take this step back but I’m going to hit this thing for throttle once I get back on it. And you have to let that fear actually kind of catapult you forward knowing that once I do get past this fear, on the other side of the fear I’m going to get the rewards that I deserve in my business, because I put in that work and I overcame that fear. And your opinion you have to follow that, you have to make sure that what you’re doing and the opinions that you have are presenting your business, because you have to have a unique business and that’s what the market wants and at times your own voice can be uncomfortable, particularly if you’re going against the grain and saying something that people do not believe or do not think, somebody to come across their mind.

So you have to own your discomfort and capture that energy and their fear and put it towards or make it catapult yourself towards that next level in your business, because the truth is when we get to number four, is that you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. There are going to always be things you don’t know, there are those unknown unknowns and you can’t worry about the things that you don’t know because it’s always going to be something just like that. And you may feel worried on your journey, we all do, we all have to go through our own paths in life and that’s no different in our business and there are going to be a number of times where we’re uncomfortable. Hey at one point I was uncomfortable speaking on camera and only way to get better at those things is just continue to keep doing them, continue to keep putting out content and just perfecting your craft and getting better.

And my issue with being uncomfortable in my business was for not what to be or what to work on next I wanted to make sure it was the right step, I was taking the right steps to make progress and not wasting it doing things that didn’t matter, focusing on areas of my business that weren’t important and making sure I’m on the right path. So that’s where for me a lot of the worry and uncomfortableness comes in from, but I just made up a word uncomfortableness I don’t know if that’s real, but honestly it’s just being uncomfortable all the time and just living with it because it doesn’t change a business, there’s always going to be some new problem to tackle, you’re going to have to talk to new customers, you’re going to have to talk to new audiences.

So just getting out there and doing it and being yourself is the key to being comfortable uncomfortable, you know what I’m saying. So those were the four things that I really did or I do on a regular basis when I get stuck and try to get myself out of that pattern, and really we’re all just thinking, especially me is thinking about the risk and a lot of times we think it’s risky to put ourselves out there, may be risky to put our ideas out there, someone may criticize them, someone may say oh your opinion isn’t true, you’re not going to achieve your goal, you’re not going to do other things you’re going to say and the truth is it’s risky not to do those things.

There used to be a time when going to work, going to school, getting a good job that was the safe thing to do, but as we see today companies they continue to lay off employees, they don’t necessarily have that same commitment to the employees so it’s risky at least in my opinion now to have a job, as opposed to going out and securing your own likelihood and your own resources yourself. So it’s really rethinking risk in your business, rethinking how risk plays in your life and using that to catapult you forward to achieve your goals and your dream. So thanks everybody for stopping by today, I talked about the four ways you can help yourself get unstuck in your business, I run a coaching program and if you’re a black millennial entrepreneur and you need help getting your first 2k client or you want to scale your business, feel free to drop me a line, take care everybody.