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Gain Confidence and Clarity. Avoid Rookie Mistakes. Develop Laser Focus. Get Clients. 

Increase Your Confidence

Build A Business You Love

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Are You Struggling To Launch Your Coaching or Consulting Business?

What Students Are Saying

"I made an additional $40,000 in my business over the 8 weeks I worked with JP."
Amber Branch - Ultimate Agile
Dallas, TX
"I was able to get a client after a few weeks of working with JP."
Cory J. Anderson
Baltimore, MD
"Before working with JP, I lacked clarity and direction. With his coaching, he helped me develop a new service worth over $1,500 per client."
Stephan McBride
Detroit, MI
"JP helped me increase my confidence and land my first paid client."
Germain Burchfield
Detroit, MI
"I worked with JP to create packages for my marketing services and I sold 3 packages, making more in a month than I was at my 9-5."
Brandon Townsel
Jacksonville, FL
"Our coaching on mindset has been extremely beneficial, powerful, and helps keep me on track in my business every week."
Rick Fredrick
Lakeland, FL
"Jarrad helped me with my plan for personal and professional development and helped me identify areas of opportunity."
Lauren Smith
Atlanta, GA
"Working with JP helped me with the uneasiness of starting a new job, a new career, and dealing with the unknown."
Clinton Shruggs
Detroit, MI

How It Works

Proven Systems & Strategies

We show you how to implement business systems and strategies that I learned over 15 years in my Startup, Consulting and Corporate America

Like-Minded Community

Join other Professionals who are confident and focused on getting the life they deserve. Together we are securing the legacy for future generations

Guidance & Mentorship + Weekly Q&A

We take your dream and show you the right steps to make it reality with weekly Q&A Calls. If you don't have a dream, we help your create one in rich vivid detail

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Mental Reset

We reprogram your mindset and get you thinking like an Entrepreneur

What Could You Do If You Dreamed A Little Bigger?

Are you tired of waking up at 6 AM everyday to work on someone else’s dream? Do you crave to do something you love and not just pay the bills? Do you find yourself consumed by what could be? Do you feel unsure about whats next?

I know how that feels and I have developed a way to overcome those stresses, struggles and challenges. I have built a business that I love and I want to help you do the same!


Here’s My Story!

I spend over 15 years in business development and systems analysis at my startup CoachMe Apps, at Big 4 Consulting Firms and Fortune 500 companies.  

I quit my job in 2018 with a plan and started teaching other Professionals how to do the same.


Because like you, I wanted more from life and realized I was more than just my job title. I didn’t want to wake up in 30 years to retire with just a watch. I wanted to make an impact and a profit.

So I quit my job and applied the techniques I had learned over 15 years to grow my own business. In less than a year I was able to build predictable client generating systems and generate a full-time income.

Now I teach Professionals to apply the same systems & strategies to launch their on consulting and coaching business, eliminate confusion, gain clarity and profit from my mistakes.

If you are ready to gain confidence and clarity in your business and life, let’s get started.

"With JP's coaching, I was finally able to launch my dream business."
Brandon Fair - Fair Photos
Tampa, FL